1. The purchase receipt is required for all claims and returns.
  2. No refunds of any kind after 30 days, unless noted.
  3. Purchaser assumes responsibility for all labor charges.
  4. No warranty for any improperly installed parts. No warranty for any leaking gaskets or seals.
  5. All purchased parts containing lubricants should be assumed to be empty and be filled with new lubricants.
  6. Exchange parts must be turned in at the time of purchase, or a core charge must be paid. Core charges will be refunded if the exchange part is returned within 30 calendar days, unless noted. Cores help 30 days maximum.
  7. Per State law, sales tax for core charges is not refundable.
  8. Engines and transmissions are guaranteed for a maximum of 90 days, unless noted on the invoice.
  9. Engines are guaranteed against cracks, rod or crankshaft knocks, and excessive smoking. Only the long block (block with heads) is guaranteed. Peripheral long block parts are not guaranteed. Timing belts, water pump, oil filters, spark plugs, drive belts, oil, and antifreeze must be changed or warranty is void. No warrant for leaking gaskets and/or seals (should be changed by purchaser).
  10. Transmissions, both automatic and manual, are guaranteed to work properly and be noise free. Automatics must be installed with either our torque converter or a rebuilt or new torque converter. Automatic cooler lines and coolers must be flushed.
  11. Rear ends are guaranteed to work properly and be noise free. No warranty for axle and/or pinion seals (should be replaced).
  12. Radiators and heater cores are guaranteed to be free flowing and leak free.
  13. Cylinder heads are guaranteed to be crack free. Only the bare head is guaranteed.
  14. No refunds on special order parts, new or used.
  15. We reserve the right to replace a part before issuing cash refunds.
  16. All parts returned through no fault of Subway Truck Parts, Inc. are subject to our discretion, including no refund and a restocking charge of up to 25%.
  17. All use parts are inspected for defects and safety hazards to the best of our ability. Subway Truck Parts in no way guarantees or warrants used parts against any defect and states that used parts may have safety hazards, and that it is the responsibility of the buyer to inspect for any safety hazards or hire an expert to inspect for safety hazards.
  18. Buyer affirms to entering into this agreement and has been afforded time reasonable for examination of these parts for any defects or hazards.
  19. Special order deposits are non-refundable.
  20. No returns, credits, or refunds on air bags.
  21. Warranty begins from the date on this invoice unless otherwise noted.
  22. We do not certify mileage on any used parts.
  23. All core returns containing fluids must be drained completely prior to return or they are subject to a core deposit forfeiture. 
  24. Subway Truck Parts, Inc will accept your core waste oil if it is in a sealed container.
  25. Subway Truck Parts, Inc thanks you for your business and hopes you have a pleasant experience purchasing parts from us!

All sales involve used parts. Unless specifically set forth on the invoice, all parts are warranted a maximum of 90 days. No refunds are allowed on non-defective parts after 15 calendar days. Any non-defective returned parts are subject to a restocking fee of up to 25% or a $5.00 minimum handling charge. No core deposit refunds after 30 calendar days unless prior arrangements are made. Any refunds on parts paid by check will be made 14 days from purchase. Altered or unmarked returns are subject to our discretion. 

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