Subway Truck Part’s View of Negative Online Reviews

A Response, Dated 01-09-2013

As the owner of Subway Truck Parts, Inc., I have to first state that ________ is uninformed or inexperienced in the dynamics of the inventory in the automotive recycling world.  Please read on….

Yelp has its own very interesting dynamics, especially when an unjustified review is posted that could have a HUGE effect on a business, especially a very small, family owned business.  I want my customers and Yelp followers to know that before writing this reply/comment, I attempt to twice “message” ________, but without a response.  I attempted to communicate with Yelp by “flagging” ________ review.  I was unable to obtain a response from Yelp.  However, I am now pleased that I can explain some of the dynamics in the world of used automotive parts.

I do not know how ________ came to contact Subway Truck Parts, Inc.  I do not know if it was by phone or if he was a “walk in.”  We advertise in many places.  In some of these advertising venues, we are able to post pictures of our “New Arrivals.”  Since we are an automotive parts recycler, we do not have any control over the inventory that is made available to us.  We can’t predict what and when a vehicle will be wrecked that ends up at the automotive salvage auctions.  We then have to be the highest bidder.  When we are the successful high bidder, we perform an inventory of the sellable parts and post “New Arrival” information where appropriate, such as our web page, Craigslist, and an international parts locating service.  Parts begin to sell immediately.  The only parts inventory database that is always up-to-date is on our in-house computerized inventory server.  Although not impossible (but it would be expensive/cost ineffective), we just can’t edit these “New Arrival” postings every time a part sells.  Our advertisements are designed to elicit a telephone call so we can obtain the most accurate information to provide the correct part needed for our customer.  We boast a less than 1% return rate for all our parts!

Often people see photos of our “New Arrivals” and assume the part in the photo is the correct part they are looking for and applicable to their specific application.  All too often, our questions of the customer determine that the part/vehicle they see in the photo is not correct for their application.  (We utilize the best parts interchange software available).  At that point we will know if we do have the correct part and if not, we will do our best to either find and obtain the correct part OR refer the customer to another REPUTABLE auto dismantler.

“Reputable” takes me to ________’s comment of “I SAY BEWARE….there are better informed and more courteous automotive recyclers and dismantlers in the area.”  Sorry ________, but I disagree.  Subway Truck Parts is celebrating its 90th Anniversary in 2013 under the same family ownership.  We have not made it 90 years by operating our business in a manner you attempt to portray.  In fact, our business has been at its best every year these past several years.  We can’t achieve growth and success by operating in the manner you describe.

In fact and because of our name due to our longevity and reputation, we receive countless calls daily for parts the customer knows we do not handle.  For example:  “Hi Subway, this is Moe, I buy my pickup parts from you but need a part for my wife’s BMW.  Can you look the part up for me and refer me to someone who won’t screw me?”  Unfortunately, because our industry has transitioned to more of the type of automotive dismantler you describe, we are happy to direct our customers to someone reputable.  And likewise, many other automotive dismantlers refer to us.

I work very hard to find quality people to work in my auto dismantling facility, and finding good people to work in a environment that is often dirty and sometimes hot or cold or rainy is difficult.  None of us, anywhere/anytime are always “on our game.”  We all have our issues and slip ups.  So another “issue” I have with review postings like yours is when the reviewer does not engage the owner or manager for additional help, clarification, or a complaint.  Again, reviews like yours without overall knowledge of the dynamics of certain businesses or without asking for an owner/manager is not fair, in my opinion.  I am a Yelper myself and I will not post such a negative review like yours without first advising a supervisor/owner/manager my feelings of the product, service, or both.

To ________:  Your profile photo indicates you are a police officer.  I thank you for your sacrifices and for your service to the public and genuinely ask you to be careful out there!  As a 20-year honorably retired law enforcement officer myself, I mean it.  My law enforcement career caused me to apply the policy and procedure guidelines law enforcement operates under to my business plan, and it has worked very well.  I thank you for your review as it has given me the opportunity to write this comment and hope it helps all who consider buying Quality Used/Recycled and Guaranteed Auto Parts, whether from Subway Truck Parts, Inc. or elsewhere.

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